The Cal Poly Symphony is a great place to make music, keep your artistic side alive, and make some great friends in the process. Membership is open to all qualified Cal Poly students by audition. Both new and returning members must audition each year.

It is best to audition at the beginning of the year. If, however, you are unable to do so, please contact the conductor to arrange an audition to join in Winter or Spring quarter.

Step 1: Check your schedule

The Symphony rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:40 - 6:30.  Members of the orchestra are able to fit this into their schedules most quarters.  If you have a partial conflict with our rehearsal time, please contact the conductor to discuss possible solutions.

If you are a first-time student with a block schedule, you may need to adjust your schedule to accommodate our rehearsal time.  Please visit for more information on block schedules.  If, after visiting this site, you have further questions, please call the Mustang Success Center or your College Advising Center.

Step 2: Sign up for an audition time and fill out an information form 

Auditions will take place during the first week of school.  Please go to our Online Sign-up to choose a time, and make sure to fill out an Audition Information Form before your audition.

For easy reference, here are the dates and times of our auditions.

9/19 (Mon) 1:10 - 3:00 Building 45, Room 216

9/20 (Tue)


1:10 - 4:00

4:40 - 6:30

Building 45, Room 216

Building 45, Room 216

9/21 (Wed) 1:10 - 3:00 Building 45, Room 216

9/22 (Thu)


1:10 - 4:00

4:40 - 6:30

Building 45, Room 216

Building 45, Room 216

9/23 (Fri) 2:10 - 5:00 Building 45, Room 214A

Step 3: Play an audition!

Bring one or two prepared pieces of your choice. Choose music that shows you at your best, not necessarily the most difficult piece you know. You should choose a short section that is fast/technical, and a short section that is slow/lyrical, to give the conductor an idea of your playing.  

Step 4: Get ready

Please visit our Start of School page for logistical information.

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