Chamber Groups

Members of the Cal Poly Symphony form chamber groups to perform in two main contexts:

  1. They form standing groups that rehearse all quarter and perform on student recitals and other events.
  2. They form chamber groups as needed to perform at outside engagements such as weddings.

Standing Groups

Each quarter, members form several chamber groups.  These typically include a string quartet/quintet and additional groups based on those students who want to play: additional string groups, groups with a solo wind player and strings, groups with piano and strings, etc. We have even had a string octet and a combined octet of flutes and strings!

Chamber groups perform at end-of-quarter Student Recitals and an annual "Evening of Woodwind and String Chamber Music," held in the beautiful San Luis Obispo United Methodist Church.

Our groups explore a wide range of repertoire, from Beethoven string quartets to Dave Brubeck jazz and Piazzolla tangos. They are coached regularly by Michael Whitson and other members of Cal Poly's applied faculty.

​Outside Engagements - Hire an Ensemble

If you are looking for a string, woodwind or brass ensemble to play for a wedding or company event, you are in the right place! Student musicians regularly form small ensembles to play for a variety of events each year. They have appropriate repertoire at their disposal and offer reasonable rates.

If you would like to contact the student officers who coordinate these student-run ensembles, please contact them at





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