Student Officers

The Cal Poly Symphony is supported by a team of student officers, elected at the end of each academic year to serve the next season. Officers perform duties that are necessary to maintain a well-run ensemble, plan social events for members, promote the ensemble through media and at Cal Poly events, help organize tours, and facilitate many more aspects of the orchestra program.

Below are the Student Officers for the current season, with a brief summary of their responsibilities.  While each officer has a specific focus, all officers work together as a team on important projects and discuss ideas as a group.

Chief Executive Officer

Faith Ann Brookshire

Calls, leads and develops agendas for meetings of the Board of Officers. Coordinates all officers' efforts and spearheads new initiatives.

Vice President

Vinayak Sharath

Coordinates social activities for the Symphony and assists the CEO.

Facilities Managers

Zoë Levit, Trinity Patterson, Jayden Perez

Work with Symphony members to set up for all rehearsals, as well as to move equipment and set up outside venues as needed.

Personnel Manager

Sean Tierney

Maintains an updated roster of all ensemble members. Takes attendance at all rehearsals and checks in all members at performances and tour events.

Promotions Coordinator

Hannah Roth

Works with the Music Department and other officers to publicize the performances and activities of the Symphony.  Coordinates use of social media, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Outside Engagements Officers

Louis Buchalter, Zoë Levit

Coordinates outside performances by Symphony-based chamber groups.


Davis Lerner, Andrew Litto, Claire Savage, Ryan Viswanathan, Hannah Weinstein

Assist in the distribution, collection and marking of symphony music and folders.


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