Private Instructors

The Cal Poly Symphony subsidizes lessons for members who wish to continue their private study, as our instructors' schedules allow.  Students commit to four lessons per quarter - and to practicing for them. These lessons focus primarily on our repertoire but may also include other exercises/repertoire chosen to help students advance in specific areas. If you are a current member and are interested in pursuing lessons through the Symphony, please contact the conductor.

Lessons are provided by some of the adjunct faculty of the Cal Poly Music Department, listed below by instrument.


Flute Suzanne Duffy
Oboe Heidi Butterfield
Clarinet Keith Waibel
Saxophone Laura Kramer
Bassoon Lisa Nauful

Percussion / Auxiliary

Percussion John Astaire
Harp Jennifer Sayre
Piano W. Terrence Spiller


Violin Brynn Albanese
Violin Emily Lanzone
Viola Michael Whitson
Cello Laura Gaynon
Bass Ken Hustad

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