Fall 2021 FAQ

This Fall, we still find ourselves in a pandemic.  You must have questions about how Symphony will function in these circumstances, and this page hopes to answer them.  If you still have questions after consulting this page, please contact the conductor.




How will auditions work?

Auditions will take place in Room 216 of the Music Building (45).  General information about what to prepare and how to schedule an audition can be found on our Join page, but here are considerations specific to this Fall:

  • Please come with your instrument, music and face covering.  We don't yet know if masks will be required, but it is likely.  Wind and brass players: you may already have a mask with a slit that allows you to play your instrument.  If not, you will be allowed to lower your mask temporarily. 
  • I will email out a roster after hearing all auditions.  Make sure to check your Cal Poly email.



Are school instruments available?

Yes.  That is the short answer.  The longer answer: 

  • If you will need a school instrument for your audition, please contact me!  We will check out an instrument to you if at all possible (unless ten other people need to check out an English horn).  You will be able to use this for your audition.
  • If you are accepted into the Symphony, you will be asked to pay a small Music Use Fee in order to rent the instrument for the quarter or year.  Please see our Start of School Information page for instructions on paying the fee.



Are rehearsals in-person or virtual?

We currently plan to rehearse in person.  Of course, if circumstances change unexpectedly, we may switch to another format.  


  • All musicians will be required to follow university mandated safety guidelines, which might include wearing masks.  If needed, wind and brass players will receive masks which they can cut with a slit, through which they can insert their mouthpiece.  
  • The department will have a locker policy by Fall which meets the circumstances at that time.  As of now, we are planning to offer lockers as normal.

All of this may change if Covid cases rise too quickly on campus.  To avoid this, all students should follow recommended safety measures at all times



Where can I practice?

The Music Department plans to offer the use of the practice rooms downstairs as usual.  They will become available the week before classes start and unless reserved for a specific time will be first-come first-serve.  Please see our Start of School Information page concerning reserving practice rooms during the year (hint, it's a perk of having paid the Music Use Fee).



Will we perform?

We will perform in the Performing Arts Center, our normal performance venue.  San Luis Obispo County will have a policy for audience density by Fall that reflects current circumstances.



Are chamber groups happening?

As of now, string chamber groups (trios, quartets, quintets) will be able to meet in-person.  I will help assemble groups at auditions and our first Symphony rehearsals. Chamber groups will meet once weekly at a scheduled time (tbd) that works for all players (and our crazy busy room schedule!).  Masks and other safety measures will reflect current circumstances and all rehearsals will be coached.



Is Chamber Orchestra happening?

TBD.  I hope to have news on this front soon.



What happens if Cal Poly transitions to online only?

In the unlikely event that the University must transition to online instruction only, all participants in Symphony will engage virtually.

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